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Proud Parents

The photo says it all, proud mum standing next to handsome son in uniform.


After more than 2 years of waiting for a training place to become available with the Hampshire Constabulary, Tom eventually started on Tuesday and last night was his attestation ceremony. Along with 15 other students, of varying ages and from all walks of life, he took his oath and was awarded his warrant card.

It really is wonderful to see that after all these years, in only 3 days, he has already learnt to use an iron and has discovered that fantastic new invention, shoe polish! I shouldn’t poke fun as since leaving university he has been doing a wonderful job teaching people, especially children, to sail. It’s just that we are probably more used to seeing him in his rather less ironed sports wear.


Good luck son we know that you will make a great Bobby!

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Well, Sunday saw us getting up just that little bit earlier (even though Saturday had been a late night) so that we could drive down to Winchester to see our daughter Kate competing in a couple of affiliated dressage classes. She was riding Carolyns’ horse Jenna. It’s fair to say that Jenna is not the normal build for a dressage horse as she is a rather large Cob, not a breed necessarily associated with dressage!


Unfortunately we missed the first class but where in plenty of time to see her perform in the second class. After some time in the the warmup ring with some of the other competitors it was time to compete in the next class. This second class was in fact dressage to music, and a qualifying round to move on to regionals.

This video is just a short extract from the start of Kate’s round.

Thankfully Jenna did yet another absolutely wonderful performance and was placed first in her class. Which gave her a first and a third place, well done Jenna and Kate.

As always if you want to see all the images click here.

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Last Sunday our son Tom ran the Reading half marathon and considering his lack of training he didn’t do a bad job. Late last year he and Di, his girlfriend, decided that they would do the half marathon.


I think that they probably managed a half dozen or so short runs before Christmas, but since then things changed slightly. What with one thing and another nothing much happened during January, but not to worry there was plenty of time for training as the race wasn’t till the end of March. So during February half term (Di is a teacher) off they went to France for a weeks break, well break is probably the operative word here! On the last day of an otherwise quiet week they drove off to the mountains for a bit of skiing and boarding. Unfortunately Di fell and broke her leg on the first run. Anything to get those hunky French mountain rescue teams out and get a sled ride down the mountain!

So that put paid to any ideas of training for the next few weeks. On Monday March 22nd we asked if he was still doing the race, guess we knew the answer would be yes. We kind of laughed. On the 23rd he took himself off for a short run, well actually he did about 11.5 miles, so that was it the training had started and stopped.

On the 29th he and Di were picked up at 7am by James and Gemma to go off to the Madejski Stadium in Reading for the 10am start. We on the other hand caught the train into Reading at 9.50, should have been the 9:25 but the doors closed as we touched the platform. From the station it was just a question of catching one of the 34 free shuttle buses to the stadium, unfortunately they were all stuck in the traffic jams that were caused as a result of some 15,000 people running a half marathon. You might have thought they would have worked this one out a little better as it is an annual event!

As it turns out we managed to get to the stadium in plenty of time, the only problem now was to be able to identify son amongst the thousands of other runners. After about an hour with the camera stuck to one eye I was having great difficulty focusing on anything when ever I moved the camera down and opened both eyes.

We saw lots of very serious runners coming in with some very respectable times


and then there were those who were out to have fun and raise lots of money on the way


I even thought I saw Tom coming in but it turned out to be my old eyes playing up, it didn’t help that we had no idea what he was wearing as we hadn’t seen him leave, I realised it couldn’t be him when I saw the race time was still only 1 hour 11 minutes


Not too sure where these guys were off to, maybe it was just tea break


Then others who where obviously out for a bit of training for something or other


There was Mick n Phil the marathon lads, keep pushing Mick you’re doing well


And then at last I saw him, should have known he would be wearing his bright yellow top and leggins


His time? A respectable 2 hours 11 minutes, I know the clock says 20 minuets but it takes a while to get through the start which is why all the runners have ankle strap timers on! Well done Tom we knew you would do it, even if you didn’t train for it!


Tom was running to collect money for Thames Hospicecare which is the hospice where Granny T spent her last few weeks.

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Tribute To Tina

Scan 1

Yesterday was mums funeral, a small affair just with the family and a few of her friends. Jacki Thomas the chaplain from Thames Hospicecare, where mum passed away on February 26th, officiated. The following tribute was written and read by Steph for which I am eternally grateful, thank you darling.

Tina Ramsay as we all knew her, was born Clementine Palmyre Marerens on 1st March 1925 in Brussels. She had one brother, Francois, and although times were hard she had a loving and protective upbringing. The Second World War of course, changed life completely for all those in occupied countries, and, Tina knew not to ask her father and brother too many questions when the Resistance were at work! Her brother was eventually arrested and spent several desperate years in Dachau before being released at the end of the War. One good thing to come at the end of the War was the influx of ‘Tommies’ – one of whom was John Thomas Ramsay, known to everyone as Jack. They met at a dance, married, and Louis was born in 1951. They lived and worked in Belgium and Luxemburg, but made the move back to England in 1958.

Tina worked hard at learning English and was proud of the fact that she was always able to get jobs and was never out of work. She was also an excellent seamstress, making clothes for herself, and even suits for Jack. Later on in their life together, they were able to enjoy several wonderful cruise holidays, and Tina made her own formal dresses to wear on the ships. When Louis and Steph were married in 1974, Tina even made Steph’s lovely wedding dress.

Tina & Jack’s grandchildren, Kate and Tom, arrived in 1980 and 1981 respectively, but, sadly, Jack passed away just a couple of weeks after Tom was born. Tina however, was always involved in the lives of her grandchildren and was very proud of everything they achieved – even in later years, getting over her fear of horses so that she could watch Kate at horse shows!

So, how to sum up Tina – well, she didn’t have an easy life, but she was always fiercely independent and was not afraid to speak her mind. She loved dancing and she loved animals – all except spiders that is! She faced her diagnosis of lung cancer with fortitude, and amazed everyone with her cheerfulness even as the disease progressed. Even during her final weeks she showed her spirit by insisting on discussing the arrangements for her funeral and booking Jackie to conduct the ceremony! This indomitable spirit lives on in her son and her grandchildren, and will undoubtedly continue on through the generations to come.

Although she was small in stature, her memory will always be big in our hearts. We will all miss her so much

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