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My Electrical New Saab

It was with great excitement that on March 24th I drove my old Saab Vector convertible over to Reading Saab to pick up my brand new shinny, sparkly Saab Vector convertible. This one is a 1.9TiD which supposedly will do into the fifties per gallon, though I have yet to confirm this.


I must admit that as I walked passed the car on my way into the showroom it looked absolutely fabulous. I did notice, however, that the disc brakes where a little on the rusty side though.


I mentioned this to Simon, the very nice salesman that I deal with, and he assured me that was quite normal as the vehicles are stored outside for some considerable time prior to being shipped, not altogether surprising in the current economic climate. I’m still not convinced that when you buy a quality new car that you expect to see rust anywhere.

On April 5th we drove down to Winchester to see our daughter Kate doing affiliated dressage and on the way back to her ‘yard’ I suddenly noticed that all the instruments were showing zero, nothing on the information display either. I sopped the car, restarted and everything was fine again but within a few more minutes the same thing happened again.

When we arrived at the yard had to reverse into a parking space and as normal the parking sensors came to life, unfortunately they didn’t stop. I put the car into park, still the beep of the sensor. I switched the ignition off, still the beep of the sensor. I locked the car, still the beep of the sensor. I unlocked the car, still the beep of the sensor. I started the car, still the beep of the sensor.

Not too sure quite how I managed to get it to stop beeping, I think I started and stopped the car a couple of times. You can imagine how I was starting to feel with only some 400 miles on the clock! We left the yard to go back to Kates’ house in Eastleigh, probably 5 or 7 miles and guess what, yep about halfway the electric’s died again.


When we got to Kate’s I checked the fuses, I’m not very mechanical I know where the fuel goes and that’s about it. I pushed all the fuses down just to make sure they were all engaged. We drove home and there were no more electrical failures, only it appeared that the parking sensors were no longer working!

Monday morning I phoned Reading Saab and explained the issue, I was very nice about it, after all even a new car can get a little teething problem. I was told to call Saab Assist (the AA) and have them recover the vehicle as the garage didn’t have anyone available to pick the car up. So the AA came and eventually took the car to the garage. Reading Saab said the problem was with the rear sensor controller and they would fit a new one, so Wednesday lunch time the car was brought back. Everything was now working again, though I wasn’t too happy to see some dirty marks on the door and drivers seat, thought I must ring them up sometime.



The cover from the computer outlet was hanging off as well but that isn’t too unusual I’ve had that before. Over the weekend we used the car a couple of times, not a great deal.

Yesterday afternoon I needed to go into the office to collect my mail, so out I go to the car, hop in and start the engine. Most of it worked, well all of it except the start the engine bit. Nothing, apart from a bit of clicking but then even that disappeared. You can imagine that I was not very pleased, so I phoned Reading Saab who said it sounded like a battery problem, not bad considering I have done 581 miles. They sent the AA who looked at the problem and said there was a 1amp drain on the battery. They started the car the drain went away and there was no sign of a problem.

Well this morning I went to start the car and guess what, yes you’re right the car wouldn’t start. Well I called Ian at Reading Saab and very nicely explained that I was just a little bit unhappy, I think I might have mentioned ‘…not fit for purpose…’!

Anyway they have brought me a temporary vehicle and taken mine back to the garage. They will soon have had my car more than I have. I will update the blog as I have more news on the situation.

I certainly do not have any faith in this particular vehicle, and wonder whether this one may actually have been standing around for much too long before it was sold!

UPDATE: 13:30 Wednesday

Just had a call from Ian at Reading Saab, very apologetic, they’ve found the problem, apparently it’s a dead cell in the battery and should have been diagnosed by the AA man yesterday.Ian has told his MD that I am not a happy bunny and is going to check the car out personally before getting it back to me tomorrow. I remain to be convinced.

UPDATE: 22:00 Thursday

Well this afternoon the car was returned to me. The new battery now has a Saab label as opposed to a GM one. I am happy to say that the dirty marks on the drivers side have also now been removed. I have noticed a couple of scratchy type marks on the rear of the wing, probably due to someone working on the battery, I’ll try a bit of T-Cut which hopefully will get rid of them.

We took the car down to Netley this evening as it was Toms (our son) attestation ceremony, no problems so far thank goodness.

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