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My Poor Poppy

Today we went for a long walk with the dogs, Poppy our oldest collie (two and a half) and our new puppy, Bertie who is about four and a half months old. It was a truly wonderful walk down the quiet, snowbound country lanes with a stop around halfway in the local pub, where we sat round the open fire in arm chairs having a very welcome pint.

As you can see from the following photos Poppy just loves catching snowballs (well any balls really), Bertie on the other hand just chases Poppy, he hasn’t quite got the hang of chasing and catching the ball yet, at least not while Poppy is around anyway!

Unfortunately when we got back to the house we discovered Poppy lying very still in the snow, she wasn’t moving at all. We went over to her to see what was the matter and discovered that she had broken her back leg. We rushed her to the vet who confirmed the break and immediately arranged for us to take her to a specialist orthopaedic centre a few miles away. They have now x-rayed her leg and confirmed that the leg has a twisted fracture of the femur and they will operate tomorrow.

Not quite the perfect end to the day that we were hoping for.

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