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Mothers day 2011 saw us crossing the Solent over to the Isle of Wight on one of the Wightlink car ferries when all of a sudden one of the coastguard helicopters appeared at eye level on the side of the ship. This caused great excitement amongst the passengers with everyone rushing outside to get a closer look and the ships crew telling everyone to get back inside!

It was one of those unfortunate occasions when I didn’t have the camera, they always happen when you’ve decided not to burden yourself down with lots of equipment, I just never learn! So I just sat back, held onto the dog tightly as she had never seen a helicopter before and it was all very frightening, then I remembered the iPhone in my pocket so all was not lost.

Obviously not the best photo in the world, but considering that it is heavily cropped and taken through the sea sprayed window it’s more than acceptable.

This turned out to be an exercise that provided much excitement to what otherwise is a very mundane 45 minute crossing.

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