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It’s ADay

Yes today is ADay.

OK so what’s ADay I hear you say? Well, to be honest until yesterday I hadn’t heard of it either, it was only while I was signing up for Twitter, yes I have finally succumbed, that I came across it. It’s actually ADay.org and it’s all about getting people around the globe taking pictures of their ordinary everyday lives and then uploading them to the ADay.org web site. What’s unique about it is that it is only today, May 15th 2012, just 24 hours (well more like 48 hours because of the world being round and all). It’s a Swedish idea, and as we know lots of great ideas come from Scandinavia!

I wasn’t 100% convinced when I read about it last night but then it got a mention on the BBC breakfast program this morning, so I signed up and put in a couple of pictures earlier today.

The idea behind this is to create an archive of photos from ordinary people just going about their daily lives on a single day, with that in mind here are a couple of images from my mundane daily routine.

Just about finished preparing my lunch at 12:00, ham & cheese on my home made bread with a nice cup of fresh coffee.

Poppy with one of her toys just quietly thinking, “….. halfway up the stair is the stair where I sit, it’s not at the top and it’s not at the bottom, there really isn’t any other stair quite like it”! It really is her favourite place to sit during the day.

So have a nice ADay everyone, I hope lots of you have participated.

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So after the sad goodbye came the happy hello, go and have a look at what made me happy.

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After the Sad Goodbye came the Happy Hello as I gently removed the Canon 5D MkIII from its box. The big question was ‘will it live up to the expectation’?

First things first, get a cup of coffee, put the new battery on charge, insert one of my old batteries into the new MkIII, insert an SD card and take a photo!

ISO 6400, 5D MKIII EF 24-105 L @ 105 mm, f14 @ 1/160

ISO 6400, 5D MKII EF 24-105 L @ 105 mm, f4 @ 1/160

I’ll warn you now, the photos may not be the most exciting in the world I just wanted to get on and take some shots (especially at the higher ISO settings) to see what the camera was capable of. Over the past few weeks while waiting for it to arrive I had been reading all the reviews in anticipation and obviously I…

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Read why I just had to say goodbye to my Leica

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For a while now I have been thinking about selling my Leica and some lenses and on Tuesday I finally did it, or at least I part exchanged it for a new 5D MkIII and some cash. Obviously I would have got more if I had sold it privately but it’s always difficult to sell these things privately, so for me the part exchange was a reasonable way to go.

I’d had the M8 since 2007 and hadn’t used it since 2008, in fact I only ever took about 1300 shots with it in total and it’s not that it wasn’t a good camera because it was, and the quality of the lenses was second to none. Before I bought the M8 I had spent ages hankering after a real digital rangefinder camera and, like many, a Leica was something I had always aspired to, ever since I was allowed…

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